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unique 88mm elliptical design


The Design: Wind tunnel vs the real world!

It’s possible to design a carbon clincher to perform exceptionally well in a wind tunnel but test poorly in the real world, why is that? Simple, wind isn’t static and in the real world crosswinds are the enemy.

That is why we have adopted an ‘elliptical’ design that benefits you in any race condition. By minimizing drag, instability, and the poor handling crosswinds can cause. Our design maximizes control and launches you forward even in a crosswind angle of 5 to 20 degrees. Gone is the old V design that performed well only in the wind tunnel.

You will also note a wider rim width of 25mm not only does it make it easier to change tires and handle different tire widths choices it also creates better cornering control and stability, creating a wider cornering patch and an overall more comfortable ride without sacrificing the most important factor “speed”.


The Build: Uni-mold

A small but important part of our build process is the introduction of a uni-mold application. What is this? Most carbon fiber manufacturers layer the rim in 3 to 6 sections of carbon fiber and fuse it together. We do not! Our uni-mold process allows us to build our carbon rims in one continuous piece and use high TG carbon fiber resin to fuse them together. We then reinforce the rim with Toray T800 carbon fiber on the spoke hole line.

The result? Improved durability with more lateral stiffness so that more energy goes from the pedal to the road without sacrificing weight!


uni-mold design for strength and durability
240 degree basalt braking surface

 The Build: Braking Surface

 A braking surface that’s an additional 3mm thicker than the competition.

Thanks to our wider rim design we were able to add and build up the braking surface, not only does this allow our carbon clinchers the ability to dissipate heat better but it allows us to have a thicker basalt fiber braking surface for more durable braking for years to come.

Also, we use a proprietary high TG carbon fiber resin rated for 240 degrees Celsius. That means our rims can take the continuous demands of long downhill decent braking!

The Guarantee!

It’s not enough for us to build a better performing rim or a more durable design, it’s also necessary to prove it by backing up our rims with an industry leading 3-year warranty!

All wheelsets and components are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and /or failures for 3 years or we will replace the defective part or rim free of charge.


3 year warranty

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